More Mustang!

Last few days has been pretty exciting cuz I got to work on the Mustang a lot with Dennis, Scott, and Mikey. I didn't get to work on any comics at all during the past few days cuz of that, but it's ok. Being outside is better than sitting on my ass all day long . Plus it gives me an experience every time I do anything mechanically. It's so much fun even though my mechanical skill is no where near Dennis or Scott's. But hey, you learn from experience right? It's all good.

Got my student visa back few days ago, so I'm good to go for the school. I'm actually looking forward to it. I wasn't at first, but talking to Dennis about having a shop and stuff gets me more motivated. Yeah I won't go too much into detail about it for now. So I gotta work harder on both school and my job so I can be certified and save more money for it. Thinking about it gives me some kind of rush. Yeah I know, what a dork right? It's alright. It's always good to have some kind of goal no matter where you are at your life.

I have one week left before I go back to Japan. There are still few things I need to do, but I should be able to get them done. I'll try to work on a comic later tonight when I'm by myself at home. But for now, I wanna watch Heroes!

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