Trouble in Orlando

Today's comic is about what happened back in Senior year in high school. Ron, Kin and I went to see the Magic vs Pacers game up and over in Orlando. We had a blast going nuts during the game. Well on the way home which we left Orlando at 11:00pm, out of nowhere I heard someone farting. And for a long ass time. I kept thinking which one of these assholes were farting, and how it is possible to fart for so long without stinking up the car. I was actually really amazed! Then it hit me..... That's just impossible! and my Supra didn't feel right. Like it kept shifting sideways. Well when we got out of the car, we realized that the rear passenger tire was shredded into pieces. I had never seen anything like it. It was so bad that it had wires sticking out everywhere. Changing tire was no good cuz the spare tire I had in my car wasn't even for my Supra.

We realized we were stuck in Polk County part of I-4. That was back when only rich people were able to have their own cell phones so we were pretty much screwed since no one was willing to pull over and help us that late. What did Ron and Kin decide to do? They decided to walk toward where we came from hoping to find a phone, or some help. So I stayed by my Supra for about...... I forgot how long but it felt like forever since I was by myself scared shitless. After some time passed by, this cop car pulls over with Ron and Kin. They found help! Woo hoo!

Well after the cop asked me why I don't have a spare tire or AAA, he helped us get a tow truck. Woo hoo! Finally we can go home!..... not quite.... The driver said if we want him to drive us back to Port Richey, we had to pay..... I want to say 300, but it could've been 150 bucks..... Being high school students at that time, that's amount of money we definitely did not have. So he offered to drive us to a truck stop which was at the next exit.

When we got the truck stop, we called our families to have them pick us up. By that time, it was already around 1AM, and they were not going to get to us until 3AM. So we hung out at the truck stop eating chips, drinking soda, and we also found a porn game on the arcade section. So we had fun with that trying to reveal few porn pics.

Well by the time we got home, it was already around 5AM, and we had to go to school in 3 hours. Well Kin didn't go, I didn't go, but Ron did..... I don't know how in the hell he was able to go to school after barely getting much sleep. Maybe it had something to do with his credits or something..... Or was it? Tell us Ron!

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