I am faced with a problem. Yes, a huge ass problem. Earlier today, I realized I had some time in my hands so I decided to draw a comic. So I drew the rough draft, I drew the lines, I already figured out how I'm gonna draw everything. Ok, so all I have to do was to draw a clean draft before I put the texts in. That's when the problem happened..... I couldn't draw for crap! I never had any problem drawing my friends before! But no matter how many times I tried, I couldn't draw anyone! Not even myself! WTF! They all came out crooked and it was not working at all! Don't tell me that's my punishment for not putting up a comic for 2 weeks! Oh wait.... I just realized I haven't done a comic since April.... Has it been that long already??!! Hmmmm..... I have no clue what happened. Well let's hope that I get my drawing ability back soon, considering I really have been in a mood to draw a comic lately. It's probably from not getting much rest lately. Yes, a rest is really important. It really is weird though, considering I've been drawing on my notebooks I use in school all the time during the class. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get it back soon.

I went out and bought a pair of Adidas today. It's pretty nice shoes and it's perfect for the warm weather we've been having in Nagoya lately cuz it's well ventilated, and it's really light! Now I won't have to worry from my feet stinking from the work shoes I've been wearing everyday. Below is the pic of the new shoes. Well that's it for today. Later!

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