Nakamura Ataru

Today I am dying to share this video with everyone. The name of the musician is "Ataru Nakamura" 中村中. I saw his documentary on TV today and I was deeply touched by his song. Now some of you are probably thinking, what the heck? It's a woman singing on the video below. Yup, he's a man. He has had gender identity disorder since he was little. Because of that, he has had really rough childhood. I'm sure some of you can imagine, and for most of us, it is impossible to know exactly what that's like. He's another musician that you know he truly loves music for what it is just from listening to him.

He's gonna be coming to Nagoya on July 20th at Bottom Line Nagoya. I'm gonna try to go. I really hope I can.

Now Ataru Nakamura is already pretty well known, so he doesn't really need any help from anyone for the recognition. But I still wanted to put a video of him up on my blog. Here's Nakamura Ataru - Tomodachi no Uta (Song of Friends) 中村中 - 友達の詩

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