Quick update in Dong Guang

Ok, quick updates in Dong Guang before I go to sleep.

Met up with Mr. Zhou and had dinner with him. He actually came over to my house in Maibara when I was still a little boy
Here's the street near the hotel my mom and I are staying for tonight.

Ronald McDonald. Is it me or he looks Chinese?

2 little boys begging for money with writing on a paper explaining why they need money so badly. Sad part is that it's just a scam. One of 2 things. They were forced to do that by either their parents, or Chinese mafia members. The truth is that in the end of the day, they make more money than we make in a week. To make the matter even worse, those children are usually trained to act this way so people would feel sorry for them. It really is sad to see things like this.

Don't Smoking!!! Gotta love the Engrish lol.

Ok おやすみ!

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