James and Stephanie's Wedding

Dear James and Stephanie,
Your wedding was absolutely beautiful. I am very happy for both of you. The Vows you gave to each other was very heart warming. I had alot of fun during the rehearsal, set up, tea ceremony, door game, dinner, lunch, everything. The reception was just awesome! I honestly forgot how tired I was.

I am so glad that you two found each other. James, you are not just my cousin, but you are more like a brother to me. I had always wanted a brother since I was little, and when you and I met for the first time back in October 1989, you have completely filled that spot in my life. All the memories I have of you and I are still fresh in my head, like they had all happened yesterday. It makes me really happy to see you happy. You have always worked so hard for everything you have done in your life. I am proud to be part of your family. I really don't think that you could find anyone better than Stephanie to be your life partner. I am so proud of you.

Stephanie, you are one of the sweetest person I have met in my life. You have always been there for James, you and our family got along from the day one. Your family have always been nice to us. I really believe that I can't ask for anyone better than you to be my new cousin. You are a wonderful person, and I know that there are going to be aot of wonderful things coming in your way.

Seeing you two getting emotional brought tears to my eyes. I can't describe how happy I am for both of you in words. Perhaps there are no words in this universe that can define the amount of joy I have for both of you. I wish you two the best in everything in your life long journey as husband and wife. I love you both very much.

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