Went to Imaike Huck-Finn to see YO-MA perform for their early sale on their first CD. I have to say it was really awesome! I saw Pay, Wataru, and Shinsuke whom I met when David Ury was here, and I was really happy to see them. Pay and Wataru introduced me to rest of the band, and they were all really great people to talk to. I was really happy to hear Rumin, which happens to be my favorite song by YO-MA.

I always wondered how much of an advance they were selling their CDs, and found out that their CD comes out in stores in September.... Yeah talk about really early sales lol. I'm putting the songs in my Sansa right now as I'm typing this.

Oh yeah, yesterday I switched to mac so I'll probably be able to make more videos now. I'm still trying to get used to using iMovie... it's pretty confusing, since I'm used to using window's movie maker and adobe premier. Anyway, I'll be working on putting together the videos I recorded from YO-MA's live show, and I hope I'll be able to make it by tomorrow night. For now I'm gonna get some rest so later!

By the way.... does anyone out there know the English word for 鉄琴?