I can't believe this....

So I was just at the Nagoya station waiting for someone who is not at all important to me. But I had to for work.... Well when it was about the time for that guy to arrive, I saw Flea and Marty Friedman...... walking in the Nagoya station by themselves..... towards my direction.... but because of work, I couldn't take a minute to ask to have a picture taken with them...... Only if that moron was arriving 10 minutes later..... I am sooooo pissed about this...... I couldn't even say hello.... All I did was stand there with my mouth wide open staring at them. But the coolest thing was that Flea noticed me, and he gave me a glare like "what the hell are you looking at" glare..... It was so awesome!!!!! I hope that I'll get that chance again, but nextime actually say something to them.

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