Rest In Peace Mr. Les Paul

Mr. Les Paul, There are still many things I need to learn about the world of guitar. For the longest time I couldn't tell the difference between the sound of all the guitars. But after spending several months of hours and hours of practicing, messing around with the amps, comparing different guitars, I was starting to able to tell the difference. Not completely, but little by little. I do know however that when I heard the sound of Les Paul being played by Mr. Ginjineko last year, I had to hear it again. I remember going to the music store as soon as I got back home and asked to see if I could play the Les Paul. The moment I strummed a chord, I fell in love. I have been determined to save up my money to get me a Les Paul one of these days. For a few months, a friend of mine had lent me his Epiphone Les Paul, and I realized how much I loved playing on it. I don't know what it was, I couldn't even describe it in words. It just felt right. I am sorry that you had to go. I hope it didn't hurt you too much. You have created such a beautiful piece of instrument, and no one will stop respecting you for it. I am sorry that I was not able to personally own one of your creations while you were still with us. Even though you and I have never met, you will be missed by many guitarists in the world. You may not be with us anymore, but your legacy will go on. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

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