Swing Dancing!

On Sunday, I got together with bunch of people living in Nagoya, some are YouTubers, some aren't for the filming of Fatblueman's Christmas collaboration. Most of us weren't really sure what exactly we were gonna be doing except to dance a bit. When Danny from Obvious Circus mentioned the word "swing dance", most of us were like "um.... we don't know how....." So we all start off with some beginner swing dance lessons thanks to Nagoya Swingers.

Here are all the guys learning the basics. Hmm, this pic reminds me of all the homecoming dances from high school.... or even middle school. I can almost hear it, "Look at that cute girl over there! I'm totally gonna ask her to dance with me! what?? hell no! I' ain't going out to the dance floor all by myself!". Ah, great memories from the high school being all "tough" lol.

Here's Yukari, my dance teacher for the day. I look like a statue. I danced like a statue as well. Don't I look great with the reindeer head? w

and here's everyone getting ready to dance. Afterwards, we all went to the Outback for a quick bite, recorded few more footage out on the street. It was a blast I must say. I really can't wait to see the how the video turns out!

Later that night, I got together with my former band mates Yusuke and Shirohige for a little Sukiyaki party.

We didn't use the proper pots to cook sukiyaki, only because we didn't have one. But since my mom had given me some good beef few days before, and it would've been lonely to eat it all by myself, I decided to invite them over. Luckily we were able to make it with no problem with the frying pan I had at my place. It was damn good!

It has been a while since 3 of us got together at the same time. I think since before I quit the band. Eventhough I have left the band, they have been helping me out with all the original pieces I have been writing since then. If it wasn't for them, I know that I wouldn't be at where I am right now musically.

It feels like there is more I'm supposed to type up... Can't remember what they were.....


thatjapanesegirl said...

Swing Dance楽しいやろ!うちもちょっとできるで!!こう見えても昔はプロのダンサーになろうとしてたからね。。。w

Anonymous said...

nice hat, daichen. (Y)