Some people have asked questions about this song, so here are the answers.

This song was written in March 15th of 2010. Theme of this song is "finding peace in yourself". Everyone goes through rough time in their life time, some worse than the others.

What I've found was that there are many people out there who freak out / argue over the littlest stuff that happen to them. Many of them out there do stuff so they can feel important, acting as they know everything that goes on in this world. What they don't realize is that there are many people out there who live in the poorest living conditions, not being able to have the pleasant life styles like many of us do, yet they are still able to find peace in themselves, smile, and go on with their lives even though they are struggling to survive everyday, dealing with hunger, sickness, early death, etc.

I think that a true strength are shown when a person is able to give a sincere smile, even though they are suffering so much deep inside. It shows that they still have hope left in them.

All of us, including myself can learn so much from those people.

I hope that all of you are able to find some peace in yourself.