Louanne visits Japan

Well I'm safely in Japan with Louanne coming with me this time so she can hang out with Da-Lian. There hasn't been any comics or blog for past 12 days cuz I had to restored my laptop cuz it wouldn't install shit. Now that I've gotten some programs in, I can finally start drawing when I'm off the clock.

Today I have been sorting out all of the pictures I took over the past several years. I never realized how crazy a person can go on taking pictures once they get their hands on digital camera. I have so many pictures that it is going to take a while before everything is well sorted out. I even found many pics that I haven't seen and forgot about. Wow, great memories.

Last couple of days has been fun. My sister graduated from her university, went to karaoke few times, went to see some robots at the robot museum in Nagoya. And we got to ride on the Segway at the museum! It was bad ass! I want one now..... Anyone wanna buy me one?

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