Toyota Museum

Today I went to the Toyota museum with Da-Lian, Louanne and Noodle. Yeah I loved that place. For those that knows me pretty well, you know that I love Toyota. Too bad I didn't see any older Supra displayed. But I did find Honda Benley! Honda Benley looks almost like Honda Dream. It was a motorcycle my dad used to ride and I had always wanted to get one like the one he had and restore it just like the way he had it. If I'm not mistaken, I believe he had 125 but he put the 250 tank on it to make it seem like it was 250 bike. Yeah that's something he would do lol. Another cool thing was that I found a box display for the plastic model of 64 Mustang and the Supra that I once drove. Too bad they were not for sale or they would've came home with me.

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