Short blog

Today I got to be lazy for the whole day, which was a nice change! I originally wanted to go out to get a pair of jeans, but it was raining pretty bad so I just decided to stay in. Tomorrow I get to go to school again. Oh yeah, I gotta buy the train pass..... And I gotta start working on my report for my linguistics class. Well back to busy week for me! Woo hoo......

I don't really have anything important to type up today. I just felt like doing some blog for no reasons what so ever. Oh crap, I gotta do a comic by tomorrow night! I try to give myself a deadline for the comics so I don't end up putting it off for a long time and not do one at all. I've done that to many things in the past so I don't really want to do that again. Which is another reason why I took down the Janitor comic. Like with everything-else, I gotta practice more and more!

Well that's it for today's blog. Gotta get ready for school and get some sleep! Later!

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