Spiderman 3

Last night I went to watch Spiderman 3 with Da-Lian and Noodle. I have to say I really liked the movie a lot. The way the story was set up, and not leaving anything out from the first 2, they really did a great job making the film. Unfortunately I can't talk about the movie too much since my friends in US hasn't seen it yet so I don't want to spoil anything. So I'll just shut up about Spiderman 3 for now.

My favorite superhero from American comic books has always been Batman. Only problem with me is that 95% of the knowledge I have about American comic book superheroes are from the movies. Yeah so that means my knowledge isn't that high, since comic books goes into more details about the character's background, and in the movies they always change some stuff around. I never really got into reading American comic book because I'm not used to the style. Plus another thing that kinda pisses me off is about how you gotta have alot of money to be able to get your hands on the first issue of some of the comic books. And the first issues are usually my favorites since I get to learn about the beginning. I remember hearing something about first issue of Xmen costing several grand. Sorry but that's just way too expensive for me lol.

Today Dennis gave me an another idea for a comic. For a first time, I'm gonna attempt to draw up a true story comic without me in it. I'm not gonna say what the story is about, but I will say that I might exaggerate this one part so it won't be like an inside joke thing. That's one thing I don't like when web comic artist puts up an inside joke comic that only they get. It's like what's the point? That is unless if they made their website for their friends only, but alot of the sites clearly are made for everyone to see. That's why I had to scrap alot of ideas I had in my head for a True Story comics cuz most people wouldn't get it, even though it was funny as hell for me. In my opinion, if you are going to put something up on a web for everyone to see, and if you are going to use a material where only few people are gonna understand it, sometimes it's important to tweak a thing or two to make it more interesting for others. I don't mean it as changing the whole story around and exaggerating it so much to a point that, it's not even close to what really happened. That wouldn't be fun. I'm sure most of you can understand what I'm talking about.

Well I guess I'll get some sleep for now. Tonight I'm gonna be keeping my camera on for all night cuz I'm in middle of downloading Project A, my favorite movie of all time! Ever since I was little, I've never gotten sick of watching Project A, and Enter the Dragon. Ok, I just ran out of things to say...... I guess all I wanted to say was to say how much I like those 2 movies...... Oh and no, you probably won't be seeing me sleep on my webcam. I don't feel like feeding an image of me drooling from my mouth. You can watch my wrist watch and watch the time pass by eventhough I have the time displayed the image already. The above time is Japan time and the smaller clock is Eastern time. Well good night!


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