Damn..... I' freaking out of shape! For the last few days, I kinda noticed that I'm starting to gain back some weight again. Yeah, all that weight that I lost when I was in Shanghai..... I think it was around 40-50lbs. My stomach is starting to turn into a belly again, and I was like "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" That's usually a sign that I'm getting lazy again. That's how I was when I was in Florida. And I haven't been eating healthy so that's another no no. So today, I did some exercise!!!! First I jogged around the block. A really really slow jog...... By the time I was done, I felt like I weigh a ton..... My whole body felt heavy, I was out of breath (Quit Smoking then!) but I knew I couldn't stop there. So I played some of the mp3s and started doing crunches, push-ups, shadow box and stretching. I remember the days when I was able to do split...... I was in such a great shape too from training in kung-fu and tai chi. So great that I once broke both of my ankles and was still able to walk on it. It hurt like hell though. But at that time, I just thought that I sprained it bad. That was back in high school, and it wasn't til 3 years ago that I found out they were broken. I guess the biggest sign that I should have picked up on was loud cracking noise when I landed from doing a front tuck..... So I guess I have to take back the comment of never having a broken bone in my life. Oh well lol.

But anyways, yeah, all that exercises were really rough after not exercising for real for so long. But it did feel good. That's usually a good sign. But watch, tomorrow I'm gonna wake up with a sore muscle. Great!

Today I leave you with a video of my favorite band of all time! Yup! B'Z! They are so awesome! Have I ever told you why I like B'z so much? Well the main reason why I like them so much is because even though they are a Japanese band, they don't follow the trend of other Japanese artists. Inaba and Matsumoto do their own things, regardless of what other artists do. It's like they created their own style of Japanese Rock & Roll. It's like their music doesn't sound all Japanese, but yet it doesn't sound all American. But they mix the styles from both countries, incorporating their own styles at the same time. Matsumoto's guitar skill is amazing, and Inaba's voice is amazing. It's something normal human beings can't copy. Oh and here's a trivia for you, especially if you like guitars. Did you know that Tak Matsumoto was given his own signature model Les Paul? At this point, he is the ONLY Asian that has his own signature series from Gibson. Yeah, talk about honor right? Well here it is, B'z live with "Real Thing Shakes"

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