I don't know how many of you saw my myspace blog today, but I noticed that you can upload a picture on the blog right from your own cell phone on the "Myspace Mobile" so I decided to give it a shot. It worked alot better than I thought so I think I might do a short blog from time to time whenever I don't have a computer in front of me. Sometimes it can get pretty boring in the train or during the breaks at work. And I'll just do a long blog on here. That is unless if I find a way to post blogs on here from my cell phone. If that ever happens, then myspace is screwed I guess..... Not that it's losing anything by me not putting up a blog lol.

Today I added a new link to my Links section. The new addition is an official website of Chami, a musician in Tokyo which I put up a video of on May 31st blog. I am always more than happy to support musicians who loves music for music. I personally think that she deserves a proper recognition along with many other musicians out there. I just got a permission from her to put up a link to her site so here it is! You can find the link to her page from the links section or by clicking on the picture below!

 ええっと、英語がわからない方々にですけど、今日Chamiさんからの許可をもらいChamiさんの公式ページのLinkをはらさせてもらいまいた!正 直言うとChamiさんのことはYoutubeで初めて知ったんやけど一発でChamiさんの曲気に入ったんよ。聴いてるとなんかほんとに音楽好きなんや な~って思えるし、聴いてて癒されるで!せやからぜひ Pick Up して!

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