Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!

Today happens to be my next door neighbor Andrew's birthday, so bunch of us went to the burger shop near the apartment. Their burgers are damn good! Everyone dared me to eat the mysterious burger that was on the menu. No photo, no description... They all told me that it was huge. That it is really hard to actually finish it.... I said "Bring it on!"

So here's the burger. It was huge indeed.

I did get full from it, but compared to the Mike Burger that I had back when Mike worked in McDonald's, it was an ok size. Mike Burger on the other hand..... It was fucking huge!

Here's the pic of everyone that was still there at the end of the party. Funny thing. We had all forgotten that it was the thanksgiving day until Andrew's friend brought it up. Then We looked at how the table was set up, we had our meat, bread, vegetables, drinks... Oh crap, we were celebrating thanksgiving and didn't even know it! lol. It was alot of fun.

After the party Andrew's friend Tim and I went out to the Hub for a drink. Got to meet his girlfriend, and she was freaking hot! Lucky bastard.....

Here's a drink to you!

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