Nagoya Motor Show 2007

Today I went to the 15th Nagoya Motor Show with Da-Lian and Noodle. It was bad ass! I went for 2 reasons. One cuz I love cars and motorcycles, and two to promote After Market City

Originally I was gonna check out the auto show in Tokyo, but I couldn't go. However what I think ended up happening was that they brought the whole Tokyo show over to Nagoya cuz I saw exactly the same cars that I saw advertised for Tokyo show. So needless to say I'm glad that I didn't miss much in Tokyo eventhough I was there when the event was going on.

I saw the new Nissan GT-R, and I have to say it looks bad ass in real life!

When I got to the motorcycle section, I was in heaven! They had bunch of old and new bikes on display, and they even let you sit on some of them. I also got to sit on the new Hayabusa and the B-King. Hayabusa has been one of my favorite, and I love the new design, but I have to say B-King was alot more comfortable.

Here's me on Kawasaki Zephyr. I wish I owned one of these baby.

Here's the new Hybrid Toyota FT-HS!

To attract more people, they had bunch of cute girls handing out pamphlets in each booth such as this girl in Kawasaki booth.

Models they had hired for the shows were pretty hot. If not, they were cute.

And here's a pic of the Saleen Mustang. This one is for Dennis, Scott, and Mikey.

I took so many pics that I killed the battery in my camera so fast eventhough I had charged it over night. Good thing I had my cellphone with me cuz that's what I ended up using to take rest of the pics.

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