Today was rather enjoyable day. During the morning, I went to check out this one English school which is about 15 minutes in walking away from where I live. I knew I should've looked up the number cuz when I got there, the teacher was in middle of a lesson so I didn't want interrupt his class. When I left I kept on thinking that I should have asked Victor (the English teacher) for his class schedule, but then I ended up finding it on his website lol. Figures that all the information were right there in front of me. I should really learn to pay more attention.

When I got home in the evening I went to a dinner with my sister and her friend and went for a karaoke afterwards. It was alot of fun, but for some reason 3 of us kept having trouble picking songs to sing so we came up with the idea of other people picking the songs for them and they have to sing it no matter how horrible the songs are. Well as luck would have it, the first song my sister picked for me was this song that was popular in Japan back in 1985. I kept thinking "WTF" but oh well. It's just a innocent song that everyone knows. But as I was singing it, I realized how fucked up the lyrics were to that song. Now mind you, all the children back in 80's knew this song, and some elementary school girls would sing along to it. The title of the song is "セーラー服を脱がさないで" which means "Don't take off my school uniform". I will give you the translation of what the song says.....

Don't take off my school uniform
Not now, just hold on
Don't take off my school uniform
Not now, not here
Girls are always the know it all
I'm in middle of studying... Ah....

I want to have sex before any of my friends
But I can't go further than a kiss
I want to experience sex like the weekly magazines
But I'm too much of a chicken
So I'm not going to give it to you

Don't take my school uniform off
You are making my skirt come off
Don't take my school uniform off
Don't undo my ribbon
What happens to the boys in this situation?
They are all so curious

Taking me out for a date
Being a virgin is boring
Mom and Dad do not know about me spending the night with you tomorrow
I'm kinda scared, but being a virgin is boring
Before I turn into an old lady,
Eat my yummy heart!

It really is disturbing thinking back to all the girls in my class in elementary school singing this.... It's pretty fucked up isn't it? What's kinda funny is that whenever the girls on the TV were singing this, they all looked so innocent. I'm pretty sure some of the girls that were forced to sing this were probably thinking "What the fuck am I singing???"

Here's the video of the actual footage from back then...... I'm gonna go to hell now.....

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