Hang over....

I was gonna type this up last night, but I was buzzing so much, I decided to save it for today.

Mike left Nagoya yesterday, so Mikiko and I had a quick lunch after sending Mike off.
After that I pretty much went home and rested until around 4 pm cuz I went to go see Victor, an English teacher here in Nagoya and had dinner with him and his wife Yoko. I met Victor through his videos in youtube. You see aside from teaching English in his school, Victor also teaches English via youtube. He also makes whole bunch of regular vlogs. It was kinda funny because he spends so much time doing something with youtube that now his wife hates youtube. But Victor was trying to tell Yoko that eventhough I am a youtuber, I am a normal one because I don't make much videos, and that I also only have 4 subscribers to my channel. Made me laugh lol. It was a fun dinner. I also got to meet their puppy Maggie. She was so adorable. I really should have taken a pic of Maggie.

I didn't think I had that much to drink..... but I guess I did cuz when I came home to watch NewsRadio, my eyes were closing and it was still only like 9pm..... I tried playing my guitar, but I couldn't play for shit.... Yeah that was not cool at all....

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