Damn.... I turned 30.... 20 more years and I'll be over the hill....

Few days ago Mike came to Japan so we have been hanging out. James' dad is also here from Shanghai, so we pretty much had a little get together amongst everyone. It has been pretty cool.

My uncle got me this digital photo frame for my bday. This thing is so awesome! It has 1GB of internal memory, slots for SD card, plays mp3, and calender! I love this frame!

Speaking of James, he called me while Mike and I were walking around the Nagoya station to wish me happy birthday. I thought that was really awesome.

My dad, my sis, and Noodle gave me money and told me to go buy something that I really want. I have no clue what the hell I want, so I decided to put it in a bank until I find something that I like. Maybe I'll put it toward musical instrument fund. Perhaps a Martin guitar? Maybe even Gibson. Or Kawai piano. Yeah, that would be awesome!

For my birthday, my family took me out to eat sushi. Sushi was really good. I love sushi!

My sister is a pig...

On sunday Da-Lian, Mike and I went to karaoke, and recorded ourselves singing. No, I am not putting them up on youtube..... It was so horrible.......

Mike and I at the Hub's in Nagoya

Chihiro and Mikiko whom Mike met through myspace.

Last but not least, I wanna say thanx to everyone who wished me happy birthday. I'm not so crazy about the idea of getting older, but you guys still put a smile on my face. Thanx!

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