Fatblueman - Hope

Went to check out the live show at Popcorn in Yagoto with Victor (Gimmeabreakman) today. Well last night to be exact. Victor introduced me to the members of Fatblueman John Janzen, Hiroko Iwase and Tom Fallon. It was so awesome meeting them. They were all such great people and great musicians. It was supposed to be Tom's show tonight, but all 3 got up on the stage to sing. I requested "Hope" which is my favorite song by Fatblueman, and hearing the live version was so awesome! Here, check it out yourself!

After they played, John left to prepare for tomorrow's show, and Tom started his songs. I have to say, I was so amazed with his musical talent. And mixing his guitar, his voice with Hiroko's violin was so amazing! I became an instant fan! I will put up a video of his performance on later date. For now I'm gonna get some sleep. What an awesome night! Thanx Victor!

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