Free Music Downloads

Yes, I've finally done it. I've joined up and became a part of the Creative Commons. I've signed up for wacca and have uploaded 3 of my songs for all of you to download and use for free. There are 2 catches however.

1. You can not use my music for commercial purposes. Which means, I would not be a happy man if you use my music, and you are making money off from it. Why wouldn't I be happy? That's because I'm not making any money, and you are making money from someone-else's hard work.

2. If you decide to use my songs for BGM for anything, whether it's your video for any site, please credit whatever names you see that are listed on the people who were involved in making the song you are downloading. Not just me. For an example, "Your Smile", and "Memories" which are up on the site, my friend Shirohige did the drums for both songs. If it wasn't for his drums, the song wouldn't be as good. He worked really hard on it, so I strongly believe that he deserves as much if not more credit as I do.

so follow these rules, and you are good to go! Now if there are anyone out there who are interested in using my songs for commercial use, please contact me at daichensworld@gmail.com .

Here's the link! Go download them now! and tell your friends about it! They're free dammit!

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