Old Friends

I got in touch with two of my old friends yesterday after several years. I've known Maria and Joe since high school. Well actually I knew Maria since middle school but we didn't hang out until high school. Back in high school, I pretty much didn't get along with most of the athletes and cheerleaders. Well, I think it was more like I didn't really talk to them at all. But Maria was one of the very few exceptions. She always was nice to me from the start. I remember Maria used to tell me about Joe's "Curve" all the time. That was like the on going thing that never got old. It seems that Joe still talks about that with Maria to this day, and I think that's just bad ass!

I still remember we used to hang out at night to watch movies together. I remember once we rented this zombie movie, and it was just beyond horrible. So horrible that we were making fun of everything about that movie. Next thing I knew I woke up in the morning with them getting on my case about my snoring and the position I was in, with my head stuck in the couch lol.

They sent me lots of pics of themselves, their son (I'm not mentioning his name for privacy reason), and their home. To me it seems like they have a really beautiful family with a great house. Based on the pics, it seems like they have the life most people would dream of. That really does make me happy that people that do matter in my life are happy. Thanx for the pics!

I felt bad about kinda losing touch with them for a long time, but they always made me feel like we can pick up right where we left off. You know how you get the awkward moment with people you haven't seen in long time? I always hated that. But there are always a select few that would never give you the awkward moment BS. That's something I really do appreciate from people that I call my friends. When you go through so much together since the teen years, it's really hard to break the bond. It's definitely one of those things that you can't express with words. Either that or my vocab just suck ass lol. But anyway, I always gotta remind myself that I can't take shit for granted cuz as soon as I do, BOOM I'm screwed. Everyone should feel happy about knowing someone who would welcome you with an open arm no matter what the situation is.

Well today's youtube video is Kokia - Kawaranai Koto. Enjoy!

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