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Today was pretty awesome. I went out for a walk thinking I was just going to buy a deodorant, go home and do my report, but to my surprise, they were doing a street live session in Sakae by 3 bands. Although I think there was 4, but I missed the first one. They are all mainly rock, but Family Complex had more punk-ish touch to their sound. I thought the drummer and the bassist of Cold Rain was pretty bad ass. Spyair kinda reminded me of mix between Project13 and Korn. My favorite out of these 3 bands would be Spyair. I even bought their CD. They are not a big time band (yet) but the most important thing is that they enjoy what they are doing. What I really enjoyed about Family Complex was they really looked like they were having alot of fun. I definitely would not mind seeing more live events like the one I saw today. I know we get pretty good amount of artists showing up here in Nagoya. I guess I just don't go out enough to check out more different artists. So check em out!

 ただいまChami's Roomを聴きながら今日の出来事を打ちたいと思います。
Chami's Room - http://dora-kichi.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2007/07/chamis_room_201_7d90.html

今日は栄でブラブラしとったらたまたま Indie's Artistsのライブやってました!

Family Complex - http://famicomde.gozaru.jp
Cold Rain - http://coldrain.jp (myspaceかaudioleafでサンプル聴けます)
Spyair - http://www.spyair.net


Family Complex

Cold Rain


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