Names for my child

I saw a bulletin from Denise on myspace where everyone put up the first and middle names of their children. I've decided that I was gonna join in on this fun.... But first of all, No, I don't have a child of my own besides my pets. Well Goldie and Spikey are more like my buddies rather than my sons. Kylie was probably the only animal that I considered to be like my daughter. And as far as I understand, based on the names everyone put up on it, you are only allowed to put up names for human babies, not animals.....

Then I remembered something. I remember my cousin James once said to me when he ever has a child of his own, he was going to name them "Kit Chen" if it's a girl, and "Bit Chen" if it's a boy. I've decided to take his idea and create some of my own.... Major difference between mine and James' is that mine has middle names unlike the typical Asians.

1. Indy Kit Chen
2. Heath Ben Chen
3. Ivan Swit Chen
4. Yuben Bit Chen
5. Sta Puta Chen
6. Dunbi It Chen
7. Heath Gon Fet Chen
8. Zeiben Clint Chen

Damn, if I ever have a child, he/she is gonna get a beat down everyday in school.....

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