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At my sister's place right now. Got little bored so decided blog a little bit. I found this thing called iGTR from waves today for the guitar. It is pretty much the super advanced amp compared to what I'm using right now, which are Vox Amplug metal and AC-30. Freaking figures.... right after I get the Vox, I find igtr..... Though I think I should really get it because it does exactly what I need in the environment I'm in. I wanted to get a normal amp, but because of the current situation, I have to use headphone when practicing with my Ibanez. And because of the fact that igtr pretty much is a miniature amp with effector built into it, I'd be able to play around with whole bunch of different sounds. This way I can really get into making videos that is somewhat presentable for youtube.

Speaking of youtube videos, I've been thinking about putting up videos periodically to show the progress with my guitar skills. At this point, I like to say that I am maybe little bit above the beginner stage. But putting up on youtube will allow people to criticize my guitar playing which will be really great for me musically.

Well, gonna go for now. More later.

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